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Ned's Fame

Ned made his debut in 1997, hanging in the window of Michael and Weed's apartment. That's him in the first panel of this strip from January 29, 1997

FBorFW strip: the first featuring Ned in Mike and Weed's apartment

Discount Objet d'Art:

Ned has always felt that his select appearances would catapult his acting careers. So far they simply faded his shorts (which went missing sometime after an all-nighter).

FBorFW strip: Weed redecorates by repositioning Ned

One of the more prominent strips in which Ned appears, from April 09, 1999, shows just how important Ned has become to the success of the For Better or for Worse comic strip. In all these years, not one editor noticed the nefarious "nude".

Although Ned has yet to really capitalize on his appearances, he does like the attention from fans. "Hey, aren't you that little naked guy in the window of that comic" has more than once opened up the doors of communication between our hero and other inaction heroes with whom he's longed to connect.

Philosophical Discussion Topic:

In March of 2000, when Michael and Weed are getting prepared to move to separate apartments, Ned again became the center of controversy.

FBorFW strip: Ned becomes known as a futility symbol

Underappreciated Artist's Model:

Being an actor in a comic strip is no less taxing than any other acting job. Ned spends countless hours posing for the artist, Lynn Johnston, often to find that only an arm or a leg makes the final cut into the strip.

FBorFW strip: the debate over Ned's ownership rages

This strip on March 24th, 2000, is one of Ned's favourites. "The funny little naked man is finally attributed some feelings" beams Ned when reflecting on this strip.

Career Hanger-On:

Where will Ned go from here? He is open to offers. He would love to work as an underwear model (Calvin Klein, are you listening?), or maybe on a sitcom. If you have any hot opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact Ned.

FBorFW strip: Ned will take his place on Weed's car

On March 25th, 2000, the battle for Ned is resolved. Weed will keep the notable Nudelet for a while, and share him with the world.

Bone of Contention:

FBorFW strip: Ned goes missing

Michael is content to leave Ned in Weed's care until July 14th, 2004 when it is discovered that Weed has given Ned away to his new girlfriend. Ned is happy to be mentioned in the strip again but finds it unfortunate that he didn't appear in person.

FBorFW strip: The custody battle heats up

The custody battle continues to rage on July 15th, with still no sign of an appearance by our hero.

FBorFW strip: Ominous mention of a yard sale

Ned's on everyone's mind this week, although he did not appreciate Mira Sobinski's suggestion about the yard sale.

FBorFW strip: Carleen takes a shine to Ned

Finally, Ned makes his triumphant return (and since he's actually IN today's strip, he'll even get paid for it!)

FBorFW strip: Problem solved

Inadvertent Inaction Hero:

The battle over Ned's ownership is finally resolved on the 26th of July, to Ned's great relief.

FBorFW strip: Calling Mrs. Dingle

Our hero really is a hero on the 27th, when his presence reminds Mike to call his former landlady.


FBorFW strip: Ned goes for a swim

Ned makes a foray into stunt work on the 31st of July. Don't worry, boys and girls - he's left moistened and dizzy but is otherwise unharmed.