FBorFW News

Ned Notes:

Name: Ned Tanner
Age: 38
Height: 6.75"
Weight: 100 grams (or 146 Milk Duds)
Occupation: owns his own plumbing business
Preoccupation: tanning, nude dodgeball, food fights

Ned poses with a plunger Interests:
- pool (with water)
- women and beer
- sewer pipe sculpture
- collecting ball caps
- darts (verbal)

- helped create the ornate fountain in downtown Nedmonton
- once ate 48 raw wieners in 3 minutes
- can play Little Spanish Flea with his right armpit
- once nailed his hair to his head after suffering a serious combover malfunction
- green belt in bok choy
- guest appearances in a comic strip
- recipient of the International Extreme Wedgie Award
- was mistaken for a chewy-toy and survived (the dog, however, suffered some dental damage)

Ned reclining

- to be the first to cross the country on a seatless bicycle
- be a movie extra in a film starring Mex Rurphy
- produce his own line of plumbing videos featuring "royal water closets of the world"
- meet small, rubber women through the Internet (hint, hint)