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Lawrence's Story

Lawrence waving the Pride flag

In 1993, I did a four-week story that really caused quite a stir! Because we have been asked by many readers what happened during that time, I thought it would be appropriate to include a follow up to "Lawrence's Story". The complete account of Lawrence's coming out can be read in collection book There Goes My Baby!

The Kid Next Door

Lawrence has been Michael Patterson's close friend and neighbour for many years. He has always been "the kid next door." For the longest time, he appeared consistently with Michael and his friends - but a few years ago, I began to find it harder and harder to bring Lawrence into the picture. Somehow, his life had taken a different turn and I couldn't quite understand why he wasn't still part of the gang. I began to concentrate on him, see his room, his things, his life.

"It felt right for Lawrence to be gay."

I know all of these people so well. I know where their houses are, what their furniture's like, where they work. I know their voices, their mannerisms, their thoughts are open to me...and yet, I couldn't connect with Lawrence.

Lawrence's Secret

After "being" with him for some time, I realized the reason he was having so much trouble communicating with Michael and his friends was because Lawrence, now in his late teens, was different. Lawrence was gay.

It felt right for Lawrence to be gay. He was like so many people I know who have had to deal with this traumatic realization and who have done so with courage and honesty.

Lynn Interviewed In 2022 As The Story Repeats:

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