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The Farley Foundation

The Farley Foundation

Created in January 2002, the Farley Foundation is a registered Ontario charity that assists low-income pet owners, by subsidizing the non-elective veterinary care of their sick/injured pets. The Foundation currently assists:
  • seniors (receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement),
  • disabled individuals (receiving either the Ontario Disability Support Payment or CPP Disability),
  • Ontario Works recipients,
  • pets owned by seniors' care facilities (long-term care facilities, supportive housing, retirement homes),
  • and women at risk of abuse

The Farley Foundation is a participant in the OVMA SafePet Program—a program that assists women who are entering registered women's shelters in Ontario, by providing temporary shelter and veterinary care for their pets.

The Foundation was founded (and is dministered by) the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

Fundraise for Farley:

Farley Foundation Logo

October is Fundraise for Farley month—thanks to everyone who has donated! If you miss the funding drive but you're interested in contributing, visit your veterinary practise for details, or learn more at the Foundation's website.

To learn more or to make a donation call 1 (888) 262-9811 or visit www.farleyfoundation.org

Farley's Road Trip:

Farley fans in the province of Ontario can now bring the lovable sheepdog on the road and show support to the Farley Foundation! On March 26th 2007, the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario began selling personalized licence plates starring Farley in his Farley Foundation logo.

Farley Foundation License Plate

The Farley Foundation will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales of each licence plate. This money will directly be used to help fund the necessary treatment of pets belonging to seniors and disabled persons on limited incomes.

They can be ordered through:

  • Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Issuing Offices
  • MTO Service Ontario Kiosks machines (usually found in shopping malls) or
  • The MTO web site at The Government of Ontario website.