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Lynn and the strip are both Canadian; sometimes Canada-specific things appeared in the strip, and really confused our American readers. Here's a list, with explanations.

The Farley Foundation

Farley Foundation is a registered Ontario charity that assists low-income pet owners. Find out more about the Foundation here.

Tour the Patterson Home

Take a tour of the Pattersons' house in Milborough.

It Never Ends

Read a weekly column by modern-day stay-at-home-mom Sarah L. Hunter.

Lynn's Books

Our guide to Lynn's published works.

Lynn's Love for Animation

Have a look at some of the animation projects Lynn's been involved with over the course of her career.

Imagining Mtigwaki

In 2004, Elizabeth Patterson moved to a First Nations community called Mtigwaki, in Northern Ontario, to teach at a small school. Find out how Lynn created Mtigwaki.

In Memory of Farley Patterson

A fond tribute to the Patterson family's beloved sheepdog.

It's Ned Tanner

Ned was a little plastic toy who belonged to Mike and his college roommate, Weed. Ned took on a life of his own (not literally) as a popular almost-character, so we gave him a page on our site.

R and D

An in-depth look at how we made FBorFW® so true-to-life; this includes exclusive info on key FBorFW® storylines, what inspired them, and how we made them happen.

The Making Of

Learn about the process we used to produce FBorFW®. If you're interested in Lynn's drawing techniques, or our production process, don't miss this section!