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Please do not send any item that is one of a kind.

Please add an Attn: line to direct your letter to the right department.

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Contacting Lynn or the studio crew:

Many people email asking us to give messages to Lynn, or requesting donations, autographs etc. Please note that our team's job is producing, promoting and dealing with the business of For Better or For Worse. Thanks for being patient when sending a request - we regret that our response time can be lengthy, especially if Lynn is traveling. The following guidelines will make it easier for us to process your request in a timely manner.

Lynn does not read the emails sent to this website. However the studio crew does read them, and we will forward appropriate requests and communications to Lynn. Due to the large volume of email that we receive, we can't offer individual responses to general questions or comments but we'll do our best to help you with any other requests.

Please make sure you address your communications to the right department!

Licensing and Business Requests:

Contact Customer Service at customerservice@entercomcanada.com.

Donation Requests:

If you are making a donation request, please write that on the outside of your letter and give us a couple months' advance notice. All donation requests should be on official letterhead.


For all media inquiries please contact Universal Uclick at marketing@uclick.com.

Customer service and ecommerce help:

Have questions about your order? Most common answers can be found by referring to the order confirmation email you received from our shop. Should you need further assistance, contact our customer service team at customerservice@entercomcanada.com. We will do our best to respond within three business days. Call 604-773-3420 (Pacific Standard Time) to speak to Katie.

Reprint Permission and Syndicate Info

Please visit the Universal Uclick Reprints Service Website to get more information about obtaining reprint permissions.

Website Advertising

If you're interested in advertising on our website, please contact: GoComics.com Advertising

Website Comments and Questions:

Contact Steph at customerservice@entercomcanada.com with comments and questions about the website.