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FBorFW®: 1979 to now — Growing Up All Over Again

Elly growing older

Lynn began drawing For Better or For Worse® in 1979, after signing a twenty-year contract with Universal Press Syndicate (UPS).

The saga of the Pattersons continued for 29 years, until August of 2008, when Lynn retired from the daily production of new strips and storylines.

In September of 2008, thanks to UPS — and the enthusiasm of longtime fans — FBorFW® began being republished, beginning with the first strips from 1979. It continues to run in repeats on our website, and in newspapers all over North America. Occasionally, Lynn will add a brand new strip.

Classic Content Revisited

The strips you're seeing now were originally published in June of 1995 . We've made some minor changes to maintain continuity and sense (who uses a typewriter these days?), but, otherwise, you're reading classic Patterson family stories.

Are you new to the strip?

30 Years of Patterson Info:

John growing older Our website was first built around the year 2000, and since then, we've added lots of content covering the entire span of the strip; the world of FBorFW grew enormously as time went by.

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