St. Patrick’s Day Fun in our Zazzle Shop!

Lynn’s drawn some brand-new, St. Patrick’s Day artwork for our Zazzle shop. We’ve got shamrock stuff, leprechauns with squeeze boxes, magical harp players, pots of gold, happy fiddlers, pints of cheer, and plenty of cleanm green fun. Check out our St. Paddy’s Day collection today!

As always, look for the information bar at the top of Zazzle’s site, to see what discount codes are currently available.

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day Sampler:

Valentine’s Day Contest, and Some Fun Stuff!

Our Annual Love Struck Contest is Back!

Every year, we invite you to play Cupid – if you can hit 15 falling hearts with Cupid’s bow, you can enter to win a copy of our Love Just Screws Everything Up collection book, and a plush “Lizzie’s Bunny”, pictured below. Both of these would make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

Lizzie's Bunny is a prize in our Love Struck contest this year. Celebrate Valentine's Day with us!

Lizzie’s Bunny!

Some More Fun Stuff:

Play our Perfect Match game for a limited time, or read 30+ years of Valentine’s strips in our strip database!

Valentine’s Day Treats from our Zazzle Shop:

We’ve made some custom items, featuring Lynn’s art, for the occasion – check out our Zazzle shop for fun gifts.

Valentine’s Day Has Come to our Zazzle Shop!

valentine's day hugs and hearts

Valentine’s Day Treats Are Here!

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for someone special? We’ve just added our Valentine’s Collection to our Zazzle store. Check out some of the fun items we’ve got available, and use the coupon code ZVALENTINE17 to get discounts (today only, but check back for Zazzle’s next round of coupons soon):

Lynn Interviewed by Gruppeteer Hansen

What’s a “Gruppeteer”, you ask? According to his various online profiles, he’s a young guy from New Hampshire, who hosts a YouTube show called Cartoons VS Cancer, and who “likes wearing pants”.

Gruppeteer Hansen invites people from the cartooning and animation industries to join him for interviews on his YouTube channel (Gruppet Studios); the Cartoons VS Cancer series is a fundraiser for his friend Maddie, who’s fighting Ewing Sarcoma.

He contacted us and asked to speak to Lynn, who agreed — below you can watch their interview, which they conducted via Skype.

We hope you enjoy it!

Making Gift Bows: Lynn’s Video Tutorial

Lynn’s parents, Mervyn and Ursula, owned a jewelry store in Vancouver when Lynn was a kid. Lynn’s mom used to do gift-wrapping in the back of the shop, and she would make her own custom gift bows from scratch, using ribbons.

Lynn’s friends and family appreciate her carrying on the family tradition — you can tell when a present is something Lynn (or her daughter, Katie) have wrapped. Katie’s special talent is gift baskets, but Lynn is the queen of the pom-pom bow. Watch this video tutorial to see how she does it!