images of Lynn
Lynn with her brother Alan at age 4
Lynn with her brother Alan visiting Santa
Lynn working at McMaster University

I was born Lynn Ridgway in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, and I grew up in British Columbia. My father was a jeweler, my mother a calligrapher and bookkeeper - both were musical, artistic and creative people. We were a family that loved to laugh.

My brother became a professional musician (trumpet) and I went to the Vancouver School of Art, hoping, somehow, to make a career as an artist. My main interest was animation, and after two years of Art College, I took a job in an animation studio in Vancouver where I worked in the ink and paint department and began to apprentice as an animator.

Working at McMaster University:
I married a television cameraman and in 1969 moved to Ontario with my husband where work in the media was more available. Unable to work in animation in the city of Hamilton, I got a job as a medical artist at McMaster University. It was a wonderful five years of learning. I gained a reverence for life and the human body that only one in a hospital environment can achieve.